About LlashesAfrica

We started LlashesAfrica because we wanted to offer every African Beauty a product they will fall in love with. A product that would make them that much more confident in every aspect, and no matter where they go all eyes will be on that beauty

We created a beauty product that looks spectacular to the eye and feels like luxury. It is a must-have, it is an essential to daily living for every Beauty and a factor on your face that will bring out the glow in your eyes.

We here at LlashesAfrica truly believe that when you look good you feel good. Enhancing that beauty that already resonates within our clients, is what we strive for.  With our quality lashes, we achieve this goal. We take pride in providing Quality and Luxury products to our continent.

The three co-founders hand-picked African names for each lash launched. Personalizing the lash and giving it a name closer to home makes it that more relatable and authentic. This makes goals feel that much more attainable for our sisters (Furaha, Amani and many more) to own a product with their name on it.

We hope to empower our clients that have felt as though they are not seen, because of the continent we grew up on or the colour of our skin.  We as young black women want to ensure our sisters feel seen and appreciated too.

LlashesAfrica, is truly a brand of passion and boldness. We will spread that purpose all over the continent and beyond. As women we hold so much unbeatable power, you see that power when you look into her eyes.